How to receive free keywords and register for Google Shopping Ads

How to receive free keywords and register for Google Shopping Ads

One of the greatest free resources for finding keyword suggestions and the monthly search volume for each term is the Google Ads services Keyword Tool, which enables any new blogger to get going without the need for additional paid tools.

How to receive free keywords and register for Google Shopping Ads

However, a common issue with registration is that a lot of people end up on the page where they submit their credit card information.

The initial purpose of this application was not free SEO, but rather the creation of advertising campaigns. The procedures below can be used to signup for Google Advertising Cost without providing credit card information.

How to register for Google Ads without a Credit Card:

Follow these steps to sign up for the Google Ads program:

• Visit the Google Ads page and select “Get started.” This instruction will be in English. The language is editable down below.

• Once you’re on a new page, click the “Switch to Expert Mode” button.

• It is crucial to select “Create account without campaign” on the following page if you want to establish an account without running any advertisements.

• Click “Submit” on the following page. Changes to the currency or nation settings are also possible, albeit initially they are not required.

• We have not yet entered any financial information while setting up a Google Ads account. To access the main page of your account, click Explore you account on the page that will load.

Making use of the Google Ads Keyword Tool

Following the steps below, we will now learn about the Google Adwords Keyword Tool after completing the signup process:

• Go to your account’s main panel, click on Tools & settings at the top, and then select Keywords planner from the drop-down menu.

• Then choose Discover new Keywords on the following screen.

• Next, narrow your attention a little. The area shown by the arrow in the figure below is where you will find a space to type the word or words. You may locate the nation and language settings, which will use the appropriate default values.

As for the nation, click on it, then erase it so that it becomes in all countries of the globe, then click on Get results. Do this for the language to match the keyword you’re looking for.

We ultimately find what we were looking for, which are the keywords associated with the term we inputted. It is crucial to notice that among the results in the table, the first and second columns—the keywords and the monthly search volume—are all that are required. Regarding the remaining information, we are only interested in that which is connected to sponsored advertising initiatives.

Click on the top Avg monthly searches to find the most popular terms, and then sort the results by monthly search volume from most to least.

By selecting the download icon in the top right corner of the page, you may download the file in CSV format or on Google Sheets (upper left if the page is in Arabic).